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I dislocated a rib coughing? What?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

After over 15 years of having asthma I learned that if you cough hard enough you not only get a great ab workout but you can also dislocate a rib. Last summer I had covid which wreaked havoc on my lungs. I spent months coughing, went through multiple rounds of steroids and bought every over the counter thing out there that could help. One day I was coughing and was like man my chest really hurts, maybe I should go to the doctor, I must have pulled something. My best friend is a PT and is like you probably dislocated a rib. It is super painful. Luckily I added chiropractic care to my self-care routine and chiropractors are experienced in popping ribs back into place. Of course stretching is also quite effective in reducing strain on your rib cage., Fast forward to a couple respiratory illnesses later, most recently the flu and I did it again! After a month of asthma attacks I dislodged a rib. If I had to guess I would bet that the flare up from my biologic being late (thanks to the super awesome prior authorization process that happens at least once a year) had something to do with the extra muscle tightness, weakness and inflammation in my ribs. Because of course a flare-up wasn't enough lets dislodge a rib. Thank you to The Joint Chiropractic for their convenient and effective care to get me back on track. FYI if you have never gotten rib work done at the chiropractor it is not comfortable. I find this doorway stretch to be helpful in between chiropractor visits. As always ice to help reduce inflammation!

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